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Japanese Customs / November 21, 2017

The Japan Information & Cultural Centre provides a variety of free informational services on Japan to the general public and offers opportunities to learn about Japanese culture through diverse programmes. Please see below.


Japan Information & Cultural Centre has booklets and phamphlets covering every aspect of Japanese life: government, history, economics, politics, education and culture. Other materials include tourist pamphlets, maps, posters and books suitable for readers of all ages.

Enquiry assistance

The Japan Information & Cultural Centre staff, as general guides to contemporary and historical Japan, respond to enquiries by telephone, fax, letter, in person and email.

Loan items to approved institutions


The Japan Information & Cultural Centre library holds approximately 2, 500 volumes and is open to the public. Publications in English and/or Japanese include current and back issues of government publications, some of the most widely read Japanese daily newspapers and periodicals, as well as books on history, economics, politics, education, art and culture. A maximum of two books may be borrowed for up to two weeks.

Source: www.nz.emb-japan.go.jp