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Traditionally what do Japanese people sleep on

Japanese Customs / April 12, 2017

Posted by Traditionally, Japanese houses and buildings have soft mat floors known as tatami. Like so many aspects of old Japan, people are nostalgic about tatami. In many ways, they're not as convenient as Western floors but they're popular nonetheless. A tatami (畳) is a mat made from rice straw or compressed wood chips. They have a covering of woven straw made of soft rush (igusa) and an edge made of cloth.

Tatami Rules

Tatami are used as flooring. There are rules for laying down tatami. For example, edges must form a "T" not a "+".

Where Tatami Can Be Found

Tatami can be found in Japanese houses, apartments, temples, restaurants and hotels. The floors of old houses are often all tatami. Newer houses often have only one tatami room.Restaurants often have a tatami section and a regular section.

Shoes and Tatami

Shoes must never be worn on tatami mats. In a tatami room, you sit on thin mats (zabuton) on the floor. In many cases you sit directly on the floor. Special furniture is used in tatami rooms that's low to the ground.Bedrooms with tatami always have futon beds that are laid out on the floor.

The Appeal of Tatami

Tatami are more than mats — they represent a lifestyle. Relaxing, eating and sleeping on the floor can be comfortable in its own way. Living in this way is one of the many things that gives Japan such a unique culture.
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